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I have a question about my roofing materials, who should I talk with about that?
Your Veteran’s Roofing Representative. They can help you with selecting your roofing materials, show you shingle samples and go over all the details of your roofing project with you. Pretty much any question you have about your project can and should be answered by your Veteran’s Roofing Representative.

When will my roof be built?
Your roof will be built as soon as we can do it based on the weather, number of daylight hours, number and complexity of projects underway and our suppliers’ ability to deliver materials. If there has been a major storm and a large number of homes in the area have been damaged, this may not be as quickly as any of us would like. Generally speaking, you can expect your roofing project to commence between 14 and 30 days from the time all of your paperwork has been submitted to Veteran’s Roofing- this includes your contract, your approved insurance paperwork, your color/material selection, your pre-job checklist, and your project scope/estimate. You will be notified by our Production Department the day before your materials will be dropped at your house. Then you will be notified again to let you know when your roof will be built. The time frame between the material drop and your roof being built is most impacted by weather. We do build year-round, but can only do so as weather permits.

My roof is done. How long will it take to get my roof inspected?
Unfortunately, this is out of our hands and will depend upon your city’s availability. When we have had a major storm, roof inspectors will become backlogged very quickly and it can take several days for your inspection to happen after your roof is built. Rest assured that we are requesting inspections and staying on top of this process for you.

I still have a permit on my front door. Do I need to leave it there?
Yes. Please leave your permit on your front door until it has been signed-off-on by the City/County/State code inspector. IF YOU REMOVE YOUR PERMIT BEFORE IT IS APPROVED BY THE INSPECTOR – YOUR ROOF WILL LIKELY FAIL INSPECTION. If you see a signature on the “inspection completed” line of your permit, you may take it down and retain it for your own records. If you notice that there are any corrections required by the City/County/State inspector, please notify your Veteran’s Representative so that we may collect the permit and schedule repairs and/or a re-inspection.

The roofing crew, or a trade subcontractor damaged my property and I want it fixed. What should I do?
Contact your Veteran’s Roofing Representative. They will bring an “Areas of Concern” form with them at which point you can show them what has been damaged and reach a resolution and the manner of repair. Keep in mind, many times, after a new roof is installed, there are items on your property that were damaged prior to construction, but simply weren’t noticed until our work was closely examined. Sometimes chipped paint, dented gutters, or cracks in driveways existed prior to construction. We carefully document all damages prior to construction, so we ask for your patience in our pursuit of your satisfaction as we determine the cause of damages and the resolution to any areas of concern.